“It would not have been possible without you guys! I wanted to make a siyum at the yahrtzeit of my father z”l but kept putting off actually getting started.
Faced with the prospect of no siyum, I remembered that you have this service. I was so amazed that you guys were able to do all of seder Taharos in
2 weeks (except for Uktzin, which you encouraged me to do). I am inspired to begin doing it by myself in time for the yahrtzeit next year.”

-Moshe L., Israel

“With two days left until the shloshim of my grandfather and almost 500 perkaim of mishnayos that hadn’t been learned, I literally had nowhere else to
turn. Not only did L’ilui Nishmas assure me that they would be able to complete it in time for the shloshim, they contacted me to let me know that they
had completed it – with some time to spare. Thank you for allowing us to honor my grandfather with the beauty of Torah.”

-Sarah L., New York

“My deepest gratitude is extended to L’ilui Nishmas. What a wonderful idea! Your organization allowed me and my siblings to perform a true chessed shel emes on behalf of my mother by increasing the learning in her merit above and beyond the learning that my siblings and I did. May her neshamah have an aliyah.”

-Yitzchak M., Ramat Beit Shemesh